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Pssssst. There’s a clue in the creepy music this season on Teen Wolf. 

During the ‘Character of Music’ panel at San Diego Comic Con, hosted by BMI and White Bear PR, Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis dropped a hint about this season’s biggest villain - the Darach - in the form of the show’s musical composition. He and composer Dino Meneghin let slip that one piece of music composed for the show is actually a highly important plot-point, namely, the chanting that accompanies the Darach’s sacrifices and has been haunting Lydia Martin this season. The piece itself is another clue as to who, or what, Lydia is that makes her immune and magically inclined to finding the sacrifices.

Since real Druids kept no written records, academic music historians gave Davis and company what they could, and then the creative team had free rein to come up with their own chant (in fact a Scottish poem translated into Gaelic and given to a full choir to sing). The rhythmic vocals can be heard at moments such as the music room scene from recent episode Unleashed because the poem was chosen specifically for content relevance.

In answer to the question of which poetic text had been chosen for the honor, Jeff Davis teased after the panel that it was President Lincoln’s favorite poem however as I lack audio source recordings, I could not write that as a confirmation on this article as it appears in the first published version as I can here on my personal blog. One of his fellow producers found it and he told me to “Google Abraham Lincoln’s favorite poem” because he couldn’t remember the name of the poem off the top of his head . My research arrived at the general consensus that said poem appears to be Mortality by William Knox, a fifty-six line verse contemplating death and the fragility of life.

You can read it yourself and draw your own conclusions  Does it shed any light on the threefold deaths stalking the residents of Beacon Hills? Does it help us understand the motivations of the killer? With the next episode promising to reveal the identity of the Darach, could Mortality’s presence in the sacrifices tell us any more about what’s to come on Teen Wolf?

(Written by me, originally published on Den of Geek and expanded here for my blog)

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